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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Directions to set up a CITI Program account

  1. Follow this link to start your CITI program
  2. First-time users must register for a new account using your official name
    1. IMPORTANT – Ensure your first and last names you provide to CITI matches your MTSU records and your IACUC applications
  3. MTSU-affiliates will be asked a series of questions by the CITI portal to automatically determine which training module would most fit your need
  4. Please note that the Questions 1 through 4 are related to human research and the IACUC users are NOT required to take those training unless they plan to work with human subjects
  5. The courses related to “Laboratory Animal Welfare” will be listed in the bottom
  6. Complete all required courses and modules as described in the subsequent sections
  7. In most instances, the Office of Compliance will be able to access your course completion information.  However, be prepared to provide proof of certification if directed by IRB or the Office of Compliance.

Contact Us

Office of Compliance

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Phone: 615-494-8918

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